Opening Reception

Please join the artists at the opening reception, RESIST:The Art of Protest on Saturday, June 3, 4:00-6:00  for food, music and fun.

Over twenty artists from the local community present art inspired by the theme of resistance. The exhibit gathers together images, writing, music, and other modes of art and activism. RESIST: The Art of Protest plans to empower the community and encourages the public to be active participants in their democracy.

Music at the opening reception by Joe Cardoza, Renee Dupuis and George Hall.


Sunday, June 4, 2-4
Kids Resist
art project

Saturday, June 10, 6:00
Women Sing Songs About Women
Renee Dupuis, Kate Berry, Amanda Cook and more

Sunday, June 18, 5:00
We Resist: A Reading
in collaboration with the Gloucester Writers Center

Friday, June 23, 7:30
Fish Tales
I Protest: Stories of Resistance
in collaboration with the Gloucester Writers Center

Saturday, July 1, 5:00
Dig In
Farmers Market
in collaboration with the Cape Ann Farmers Market

RESIST:The Art of Protest is underwritten courtesy of a grant from the Bruce J. Anderson The show is co-curated by Stevens Brosnihan and Amanda Cook. Contributing artists and community activist in this exhibit include Stevens Brosnihan, Amanda Cook, Greg Cook, Mark Tiewes, Jess Semeraro, Willa Brosnihan, Joshua Scott-Fishburn, Lara Lepionka, Camilla MacFadyen, Hope Fishburn, Rosemary Scott-Fishburn, Susan Erony, Jay Jaroslav, Joe Gallo, Adam Orcutt, Paul Cary Goldberg, Willie “Loco” Alexander, George Hall, Joe Cardoza, Renee Dupuis, Ryan Gallagher, Michele Del Vecchio, Nicole Bogin, and more. Additional work by artists and artist statements can be found at

“Gotta give us what we need
Our freedom of speech is freedom or death
We got to fight the powers that be
Lemme hear you say
Fight the power.”
-Public Enemy